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  • “5 stars. Exceptional!”– ScubaAdvisor
  • “Just Fantastic!”– Dive World
  • “A hidden gem in busy Oahu.”– Scuba Tours
  • “Relaxed. Safe. Small group. Perfect”– Dive Time
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5 STARS Excellent personal attention! The first time I dove with Reef Pirates (R.P.) was in March 2010. I dove 3 consecutive days. Had a blast with excellent personal attention and a great experience. I just returned from vacation and dove with R.P. on 3 consecutive dives this February 2012.  I did not think it was possible, but the experience was even better. I plan to dive with R.P. the next time I return to Oahu! If you dive Oahu, dive with Reef Pirates! Highly recommended!

5 STARS Reef Pirates Diving is hands down the best scuba diving experience anyone could ask for while visiting Oahu, HI! The entire service from pick-up to drop-off was second to none and all rental equipment was in excellent condition. All of the staff are very professional both in and out of the water and some of the coolest people I have ever had the pleasure of diving with. Initially I signed up for one of the 3 day dive packages Reef Pirates offers and had an awesome time. So awesome in fact that I ended up purchasing an additional 3 day dive package as well as 2 additional single day dives! They have a vast knowledge of the hottest dive locations (both beach/boat dive locations) on Oahu as well as all the amazing and abundant sea life. I highly recommend Reef Pirates to anyone living in or traveling to Oahu looking for a memorable scuba diving adventure full of aloha. I’d like to send out a huge thank you to Reef Pirates Diving for everything during my visit. Can’t wait to get back and do some more diving! Much love and aloha… Chris (Eugene, OR)

5 STARS My original holiday plans were to complete 2 days diving. Prior to leaving Oahu I had completed 4 days diving covering a variety of sites. All of the staff are professionals and provide great service on a comfortable dive boat. I would recommend Reef Pirates Diving to anybody who enjoys the water.

5 STARS We had several different recommendations for diving in Oahu. My fiancee is a new diver with this trip being his first ocean dive. After taking our referrals and looking online, we chose Reef Pirates. I really liked the small group overall, but it was really important for comfort with a new diver. All I can say is I wish we could use them on other islands when we return! Our instructor was fun, safe and so personable! Our captain was the best captain I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Everyone was just wonderful. We had such a great day. I really can’t say enough to recommend Reef Pirates! Well done guys, well done!!–Tim and Paula, dove 4/26/2012