Oahu Scuba Diving – Dive With Reef Pirates

Top Five Reasons To Choose Reef Pirates

We are often asked what what makes us different from the many other dive shops on Oahu. We have compiled a list of some of the major things that make us different from the rest. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our goal is to make your Oahu diving experience the very best it can be.

1. We own and operate our own 28′ dive boat. – It is common practice for dive companies here on Oahu to charter space on larger “shared” boats. Being on a boat with several dive companies and over 30 divers is very common. Those that do own dive boats pack them to maximum capacity.

2. We limit our boat to six divers or less.– While dive boats much smaller than ours take 12-14 people, we keep our boat to 6 or less to provide a better Oahu scuba diving experience to our guests. We are currently the only company on Oahu doing this!

3. We get to the dive sites first.– We start a bit earlier than everyone else, so we get the dive sites to ourselves 99% of the time. ( Imagine 30+ people around a 25′ plane and you will see why this can be important).

4. Excellent safety record.– Not all Oahu dive companies can say this. Another good reason to do your homework when selecting a company to dive with.

5. Competitive Pricing–We offer competitive diving and scuba certification course prices while providing a superior experience to our guests.

Simply put, we just like diving, prefer to do it in relaxed, uncrowded conditions and share it with great people. If you want to avoid the crowds and dive some great dive sites, contact us with your request or make a reservation with Reef Pirates.