Oahu Scuba Diving – Dive Certification FAQ

Oahu Scuba Certification FAQs

To help you comparison shop, we’ve compiled a list of questions any potential scuba certification student should ask before making a reservation for a scuba certification course. There are a number of different scuba training organizations that a dive company can be affiliated with. Reef Pirates scuba certifications are all done through PADI (The world leader in diver education) and therefore are recognized and accepted worldwide. If you don’t see the answer to your question below, don’t hesitate to contact us.

1. How long does the open water scuba certification course last? Scuba certification is performance based, meaning there is no set amount of hours required for completion. You move from one level to the next during the scuba course at your own pace. You will find that most PADI scuba certification courses advertised are based around an estimated 3 day time frame for completion. For the average person, this is generally enough time, however we understand this may not be enough time for everyone, and can add additional days as needed. If you have completed the PADI Elearning course, the course can take as few as 2 days to complete. – We at Reef Pirates strongly suggest enrolling in our scuba certification course prior to coming to the island. Upon enrollment, we will send out a package to you including study material, course text book, etc.. Reading the text book and completing the knowledge reviews for each chapter prior to arrival, insures your not spending any of your vacation in your room studying. Our PADI Open Water scuba certification courses take 3 days to complete (as few as 2 days if you have completed the PADI Elearning course). Days last 4-5 hours each and we can schedule our scuba courses to accommodate your busy schedule.

2. How much does the scuba certification course cost? Low ball prices are designed for two reasons. To attract your attention, and to get you in the door. The hidden charges for the course, such as books and equipment rental, are conveniently never advertised. Look for an all inclusive scuba certification course experience. Remember, in the end, you get what you pay for. – Most of the dive companies on Oahu advertise a low rate but don’t tell you the books are extra, or that the course will be done as beach dives, or you have to purchase a mask, snorkel and fins, etc. We do not!!! Our certification course prices include all scuba certification course material in our prices, as well as all gear needed to complete your Oahu scuba diving certification courses. Additionally, all our certification dives are boat dives! Their are NO hidden charges! Additionally we limit our boat to six divers or less, insuring more fun and a much better learning environment. keep our scuba class sizes small to ensure students get the best instruction possible. Choose Reef Pirates for a truly amazing Oahu scuba diving experience.

3. Will both the instructor and the student use similar equipment during the certification course? When both scuba instructor and student are using the same brand of scuba gear, and have similarly designed equipment configurations, it allows students to learn faster and easier, both in and out of the water, during the certification course. – We at Reef Pirates use only the latest scuba gear from Aqualung. Our scuba gear is in new or near new condition. Both you and your instructor will be wearing almost identical sets of scuba gear. We are not your average Oahu scuba diving company. We don’t pack our classroom or our boat. Come see the difference with Reef Pirates.

4. Who is the scuba instructor? Our staff of Oahu scuba diving instructors are all PADI liscensed and insured, and have been instructing on the islands for a minimum of 1 year (some as many as 10 years!). We limit our groups to six divers or fewer and are proud to boast a perfect safety record.

5. How long is the PADI scuba certification good for? PADI scuba certifications are good for life, though we do recommend taking a refresher course if you have any long breaks between dives to refresh your dive skills.

6. Can I get a student discount after completing a certification course with Reef Pirates? Any reputable dive operation should give you a generous student discount towards future diving activities and/or scuba equipment purchases you make from them, in appreciation for taking their scuba certification course. – Reef Pirates offers a 10% discount on all future dive charters, certification courses and new equipment purchases for anyone completing one of our Oahu scuba diving certification courses or continuing scuba education courses. Choose Reef Pirates for all your Oahu scuba diving needs.