Oahu Wreck Diving – Free Waikiki Shuttle

Wreck Diving

One of the things that sets Oahu apart from the other Hawaiian Islands are the numerous wreck dives available. Aside from the wrecks themselves, these dive sites tend to be the preferred cruising areas of the larger animals such as sharks, rays and whales during winter months.

Sunken barges, and old landing craft (that sharks like to call home), and Hawaii’s most famous wreck, the WWII Corsair Plane Wreck are all right off Oahu’s southeast coast just waiting to be explored. As we only take a maximum of six divers per trip on our Oahu dive boat, you won’t have to worry about the dive sites being crowded. Additionally our wreck dives are the first dives of the day, and our dive boat leaves 30-45 minutes prior to the other local area shops. That means we get to the sites first, before everything is scared away!

Most of the wrecks we dive sit between 70 – 110′, so a minimum of basic open water certification is required. One of our wrecks, Baby Barge begins at 60 feet which is a great introduction deep dive and a great dive for our Junior Divers under instruction. A few of the wrecks offer the opportunity for penetration, however most of the life is found outside. Many of the wrecks off Oahu have been underwater for some time, and have sharp edges – care should be taken when diving the wrecks, and good buoyancy is key. Because our Oahu wreck dives are deeper dives, bottom time can vary quite a bit depending on which wreck we hit. Ask us about extending your bottom time by getting your Nitrox certification.

Additionally, all of our dives are led by a professional PADI instructor or dive master. Let us show you the best scuba diving Oahu has to offer. Contact us any time or visit our online reservations page and take the plunge.