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About Us

Sea turtle underwater on Oahu, Hawaii

About Reef Pirates

We are not your typical Hawaii scuba diving operation, and we are eager to show you why. First and foremost, we own and operate our own dive boats locally and we limit our dive boats to six or fewer divers.

Second, Reef Pirates Diving is a smaller Hawaii dive company that wants to stay small. We have no desire to be the biggest dive company on Oahu, just the best. We offer a more personalized Hawaii scuba diving experience while keeping our prices low.

The Reef Pirates dive staff is second to none. All our guides are experienced and boast excellent safety records, putting diver safety first and foremost. Our boat captains are all U.S. Coast Guard licensed and incident free. In addition to taking safety very seriously, our guides are here to ensure you have a great diving experience by pointing out landmarks and wildlife during your dives and taking care of any issues that may arise.

Reef Pirates concentrates on doing one thing: providing the best Oahu scuba diving experiences and certification courses to our guests.

Scuba divers underwater on Oahu, Hawaii

Scuba Diving in Oahu

Scuba diving in Oahu offers warm waters (76 –  80 degrees F), good visibility (60 – 100+ feet), and a chance to come face-to-face with marine life found nowhere else in the world.

Whatever your scuba diving interests, Reef Pirates is here to ensure your Oahu scuba diving experience is unforgettable. We offer everything from first-time scuba diver experiences to advanced multi-level, wreck, drift, and wall dives. Sea turtles, eels, sharks, rays, reef fish, frogfish, nudibranchs, crabs, and much more can be found in the waters of Oahu.

Our daily scuba diving charters operate 30-45 minutes earlier than other dive charters, so we generally have our pick of dive sites and have them to ourselves before the wildlife is scared away.

If you have a specific dive site request or something specific you’d like to see, let us know. While we cannot guarantee dive sites and animal encounters, we try our best to honor requests. Book your Oahu scuba diving adventure or scuba certification course today!

Top Five Reasons to Choose Reef Pirates

We are often asked what makes us different from the many other dive shops on Oahu, so we have compiled a list.

1. We own and operate our own 28-foot dive boat.
It is common practice for dive companies on Oahu to charter space on larger shared boats, meaning guests end up on a boat with several dive companies and over 30 divers. The companies that do own dive boats pack them to maximum capacity. We have our own boat and keep our groups small.

2. We limit our boat to six divers or less.
While dive boats much smaller than ours take 12-14 people, we keep our boat to six or less to provide a better Oahu scuba diving experience to our guests. We are currently the only company on Oahu doing this!

3. We get to the dive sites first.
We start a bit earlier than everyone else, so we get the dive sites to ourselves 99% of the time.

4. Excellent safety record
Not all Oahu dive companies can say this. Another good reason to do your homework when selecting a company to dive with.

5. Competitive Pricing
We offer competitive diving and scuba certification course prices while providing a superior experience to our guests.